Blurred Reality


L-ADM0914-OnthePoint-GM-BarraThe 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger blockbuster “Total Recall” (and its underwhelming 2012 remake) is a futuristic fantasy trip centered around Rekall, a company that sells dreams so real they become actual memories. In the original, after a virtual trip to Mars goes awry, Arnold finds himself in a world of blurred reality as a fugitive, outlaw and revolutionary fighting to overthrow the dictator of a police state. … Or is he?

Certainties have been no easier to come by in the wake of the massive recalls that continue to drag General Motors, its dealers and its beleaguered CEO, Mary Barra, down on many levels and in many dimensions. To whom does the moral stigma belong? Who knew what, and when? Who covered it up, and why? Did someone calculate liability losses and legal consequences verses estimated costs of repairs? The government, consumers, dealers and yours truly would like to know.

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