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Internet Battle Plan XXI Schedule & Program



View and download the full class schedule for Internet Battle Plan XXI in ATLANTA at the link below!

Internet Battle Plan XXI Class Schedule – PDF

Internet Battle Plan XXI Class Schedule – Word doc

Internet Battle Plan XXI in Atlanta January 2017!



Internet Battle Plan XX Schedule & Program


IBP XX Schedule
View and download the full class schedule for Internet Battle Plan XX in Myrtle Beach at the link below!

Internet Battle Plan XX Class Schedule

The Lead-Gen Death Throes

They came dancing into our lives back in the mid-’90s and totally transformed our industry. In fact, I recall the first time I saw Autobytel exhibiting at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA)’s convention. I shook my head and said, “That ain’t gonna happen.”

Well, it did happen, and we all saw a growing parade of competitors in a vicious dogfight to dominate the space. My hat’s off to the few who prevailed.

The real game-changer, however, was Scott Painter and TrueCar. Painter’s business model reflected his thinly disguised contempt for car dealers. Unlike other lead-generation providers, whose primary purpose was to connect car buyers with dealers, TrueCar’s main objective was to set prices and broker deals at a loss for the dealers. We all know how that worked out.

But hundreds of other companies followed TrueCar’s lead and got into the brokering business. But the landscape is rapidly changing, and the paradigm has shifted enough to loosen their stranglehold on dealers.

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The Empire Strikes Back

Empire Strikes Back

Carlos GhosnNever let it be said that Nissan is warm and fuzzy with their dealers. I have written about this for years. But formerly loyal Nissan dealers aren’t just complaining to me privately. They’re talking to the media and they’re talking to their attorneys. They’re complaining about perceived abuses and oppressive factory programs. I believe these festering issues may finally have reached the point of an imminent explosion.

Say it ain’t so, Carlos!

I’ve been listening to complaints and stories from disgruntled Nissan dealers for a while now, and I’ve shared many of them with you in these pages. In article after article and speech after speech, I’ve repeatedly said Nissan was heavy-handed, hard-hearted and totally oppressive in every interaction with their loyal dealer network. Numerous other media outlets have finally caught on, and dealer satisfaction surveys prove Nissan’s problems are not limited to a few disgruntled franchisees.

Read the whole article here on Auto Dealer Monthly.

Internet Battle Plan XIX Houston [VIDEO]

Internet Battle Plan XIX Houston

Jim Ziegler and Debbie Ziegler and the entire Alpha Dawg Posse are coming to Houston with Internet Battle Plan XIX March 9th and 10th at the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Houston, TX. 20 experts on Internet sales and marketing, SEO, SEM, video, youtube, BDC sales, phone skills, website conversion, and much more covering every aspect of Internet sales and marketing for the modern automobile dealership. Experts like Sean V. Bradley, Scott Pechstein, Christian Jorn, Elise Kephart-Adame, Jim Flint, Christopher Herman, Kerri Wise, Brian Barlow, David Blassingame, Jennifer Briggs, Carletta Clyatt, Manny Luna, Eric Miltsch, Bobbie Herron, Erich Gail, and Cody Pitchford. Lunch and breakfast will be served.

Call Jim at (770) 921-4440 to register or visit

Got Your Fahrvergnügen Right Here


Volkswagen has pledged to compensate dealers for halted sales on models affected by “Dieselgate,” including the 2015 Jetta, pictured.

In the television version of “The Incredible Hulk” back in the ’70s, Bill Bixby portraying Bruce Banner used to say the show’s famous tagline: “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” You won’t have to read between the lines or guess what kind of mood I’m in as I write this article. The Dawg is in full-on Hulk mode.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave without communication with the outside world over the last few weeks, you are aware that Volkswagen has lost equity value of more than $18 billion and is facing government fines, lawsuits and consumer defection because of the company’s deliberate deception and misleading of consumers. The U.S. government may — and probably will — fine the company up to $37,500 per vehicle that qualifies. That is not counting what foreign governments will do.

Read the whole article here on AutoDealerMonthly.

Blab Blab Blab….

Jim Ziegler, Tony Dee, Shaka Dyson


It’s going to be Me, The Alpha Dawg, Jim Ziegler and my friends Shaka Dyson and Tony Dee will be performing our first broadcast in a continuing series of educational BLAB Broadcasts by the Jim Ziegler, the #AlphaDawg.

For automotive retail professionals, we will be discussing “F&I, High Profitability, and Low Liability”. Featuring three of the best award-winning top F&I Trainers in the known Universe. It will begin at 2:00 PM Eastern time, October 16th,  and will continue until we’re finished.


Get all the information here at this link!

Internet Battle Plan XVIII Class Schedule



View and download the full class schedule for Internet Battle Plan XVIII in Detroit at the link below!

Internet Battle Plan XVIII Class Schedule