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Grow or Die – “Teach At the Beach Part 2”

Internet Battle Plan 22


Internet Battle Plan XIX Houston [VIDEO]

Jim Ziegler and Debbie Ziegler and the entire Alpha Dawg Posse are coming to Houston with Internet Battle Plan XIX March 9th and 10th at the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Houston, TX. 20 experts on Internet sales and marketing, SEO, SEM, video, youtube, BDC sales, phone skills, website conversion, and much more covering every aspect of Internet sales and marketing for the modern automobile dealership. Experts like Sean V. Bradley, Scott Pechstein, Christian Jorn, Elise Kephart-Adame, Jim Flint, Christopher Herman, Kerri Wise, Brian Barlow, David Blassingame, Jennifer Briggs, Carletta Clyatt, Manny Luna, Eric Miltsch, Bobbie Herron, Erich Gail, and Cody Pitchford. Lunch and breakfast will be served.

Call Jim at (770) 921-4440 to register or visit

Blab Blab Blab….


It’s going to be Me, The Alpha Dawg, Jim Ziegler and my friends Shaka Dyson and Tony Dee will be performing our first broadcast in a continuing series of educational BLAB Broadcasts by the Jim Ziegler, the #AlphaDawg.

For automotive retail professionals, we will be discussing “F&I, High Profitability, and Low Liability”. Featuring three of the best award-winning top F&I Trainers in the known Universe. It will begin at 2:00 PM Eastern time, October 16th,  and will continue until we’re finished.


Get all the information here at this link!

On-Demand Training

Experience the BEST and MOST COMPLETE On-Demand Automotive Training. Call Jim for a demo and presentation at 770-921-4440.
Ziegler & Bradley On-Demand Training

Dealer Socket User Summit

Jim Ziegler, The Alpha Dawg talks about the upcoming Dealer Socket CRM User Summit in San Diego at the San Diego Bayfront Hilton, August 18th-21st, 2015. Jim will be presenting a special session titled “My 50 Best F&I Closes”.

Internet Battle Plan XVIII – Detroit

(770) 921-4440 #AlphaDawg Jim and Debbie Ziegler are bringing Automotive Dealers’ Internet Battle Plan XVIII to Detroit , September 21st and 22nd, 2015. Top internet sales and marketing, SEO experts on stage, mobile and texting, BDC experts, like Sean V. Bradley, James A. Ziegler, Tammie LeBleu from Autoloop, Scott Pechstein from AutoBytel, Greg Gifford from DealerOn, Kerri Wise from TrueCar, Chip King from CallRevu, Erich Gail from the Cardinale Group, Brian Barlow from Pineapple, Gary May from im@CS, Mike Davenport the Louisville Chevy Dude, Elise Kephart-Adame the YouTube Diva from Phone Ninjas, Debbie Ziegler and the Alpha Dawg himself, Jim Ziegler, CSP,HSG

AutoNation Reinvents Itself, Again

For more than fifteen years we’ve watched AutoNation continually redefining their most recent redefinition.

Although I generally hold CEO Mike Jackson in high regard, watching the country’s top dealership chain reversing and reinventing itself has been amusing, probably because of the high level of seriousness and intensity those involved place on every move.

So, since the beginning I’ve found myself sneering and cheering as they launched every new initiative. You can’t argue with their successes unless you dissect their business-model efficiency to the level of each individual dealership. But Ziegler, their stock is soaring to record levels.

Read the whole article here on WardsAuto.

We’re Not Going to Take It Anymore

Why did the scorpion sting the frog that was helping it across the river even though the scorpion knew that would cause both of them to drown? Because the scorpion couldn’t help it; it was just his nature.

Well, that sounds like It has stung dealers, again. It apparently can’t help it.

The online consumer car-buying service broke out its latest series of ads on YouTube depicting a grocery store cashier trying to get customers to “haggle.”

Read the whole article here on WardsAuto.

2013 National Speakers Association Convention Review By Sean V. Bradley – PHL Chapter Member

2013 National Speakers Association Convention Review By Sean V. Bradley – PHL Chapter Member

DealerOn Webinar: How to Double Your Sales in Half the Time

A webinar featuring Jim Ziegler talking about his legendary sales and follow-up skills.

In this session, the legendary Jim Ziegler discusses sales, prospecting and customer follow-up. In this content-rich 1 hour webinar, Jim shares word tracks, techniques and organization strategies that have earned him the title “The One-Man BDC”.

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