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We’re Not Going to Take It Anymore


Why did the scorpion sting the frog that was helping it across the river even though the scorpion knew that would cause both of them to drown? Because the scorpion couldn’t help it; it was just his nature.

Well, that sounds like It has stung dealers, again. It apparently can’t help it.

The online consumer car-buying service broke out its latest series of ads on YouTube depicting a grocery store cashier trying to get customers to “haggle.”

Read the whole article here on WardsAuto.

2013 National Speakers Association Convention Review By Sean V. Bradley – PHL Chapter Member

2013 National Speakers Association Convention Review By Sean V. Bradley – PHL Chapter Member

DealerOn Webinar: How to Double Your Sales in Half the Time

A webinar featuring Jim Ziegler talking about his legendary sales and follow-up skills.

In this session, the legendary Jim Ziegler discusses sales, prospecting and customer follow-up. In this content-rich 1 hour webinar, Jim shares word tracks, techniques and organization strategies that have earned him the title “The One-Man BDC”.

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Lies – Threats – Intimidation – Personal Attacks

The Alpha Dawg talks about the issue heating up.

Jim Ziegler and Tim Martell Talk Controversy | Wikimotive Podcasts #1

Jim Ziegler and Tim Martell discuss the controversy. When a consumer submits a lead on a paying dealer’s inventory, is it wrong for to feed the consumer the competition’s inventory too?

It’s 9:00 AM. Do You Know Where Your Inventory Is?

The Data-Pirates may be at it again. Check and see for yourself. Are renegade vendors putting your proprietary inventory on other websites you did not authorize? Do they have a legal or contractual right to do this?

Jim Ziegler is Concerned About

Jim Ziegler has long been dealer advocate as well as a consumer advocate. In this video Jim expresses strong personal opinions about the recent conduct of, a lead generation company in the automobile business., in Ziegler’s opinion, is creating confusion and distrust between their dealers and consumers. From a pure business viewpoint, Ziegler believes and other similar vendors are blatantly double-crossing their loyal advertisers and doing the consumers a dis-service. His blog on ADM is receiving thousands of concerned visitors. Jim’s friend Brian Pasch has taken a counter issue in his blogs and videos.

The Alpha Dawg Jim Ziegler Challenges Car Dealers to Fix CRM Process!

Hear the Alpha Dawg speak this past week at Internet Sales 20 Group in Dallas about CRM processes.