Cleaning House, Ford CEOs Pay, Chevy’s Slogan and Chinese Drivers

jimAnother milestone achieved, Zach moved out last week. Again. Parents with grown children will appreciate that we love our son dearly, but he now is in his early 20s, and it was time for him get his own place. I hope the fireworks display in his rearview mirror didn’t offend him as he drove off.

Now, we have another guest room in the house and redecorating was in order. Well, what the heck, while we’re at it, we might as well go through the entire house and get rid of all of that junk. When we closed the offices five years ago, we brought home a lot of stuff, including chairs, tables and computer monitors from the dark ages.

I had a huge Dumpster put in our driveway. Debbie and I spent a weekend filling it to overflowing. Then some of the neighbors came by and asked if we were throwing out all that. Before we knew it, 20 people with ladders were in our yard, pulling their SUVs into our driveway and hauling our junk away. Dumpster diving in a gated community?

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