Dawg in the Cat Box


My wife, Debbie, finally took a long-overdue trip to Phoenix to visit her sister. It was an opportunity for both of us to face our fears. She had yet to take a trip by herself since we got married. I hadn’t been home alone for more than 20 years.

I arranged for transportation to and from the airport in Phoenix and assured Deb there was nothing to worry about. She showed me how to work the dishwasher and left a detailed list of household tasks. Heck, I thought, I was only going to have to manage the house for five days. How hard could that be? So let’s see what we got here. The pool guy and the gardener will be here Monday. The housekeepers come on Tuesday. Feed the dog. Feed the cat. Scoop out the cat’s litter box … Wait a minute! I didn’t sign up for that! Doesn’t she know I have a weak gag reflex?

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