F&I Mastermind Seminar – Melville NY – Long Island December 10th-11th


jim-zieglerF&I Mastermind Seminar

This course is taught personally by Jim Ziegler
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F&I Mastermind is about product sales, processes and procedures aimed at High Gross Profitability with Zero Liability. Taught personally by Jim Ziegler. Featuring Ziegler’s definitive textbook on F&I Procedures – each student receives a 150 page, information intensive textbook – not a workbook.
The numbers speak for themselves. We consider this to be the best real-world F&I School offered anywhere by anyone. Your managers will show immediate measurable profit increases; more in two days than most other courses accomplish in a week.
The curriculum includes:
Advanced Menu Selling Competency, using proven selling methods and procedures: Establishing the demeanor, attitude, and selling skills of a highly polished, professional Financial Manager. This will include a heavy emphasis on selling intangible products.
Maximize Unit Sales from the sales of Finance and Leasing options while maximizing profitability from product sales in the F&I Department. This will include a stated dealership objective of ethical and compliant product mark-up strategy.

Learn Consultant Sales Methods to best assist customers in selecting suitable finance packages, lease programs and aftermarket products.

Develop full-disclosure Skills for Selling Parts and Labor Agreements (Vehicle Service Contracts) with high penetration and high profitability while reducing cancellations and charge backs.

Interview the consumer to sell more products and more efficiently work the lenders to get more deals approved with fewer restrictions and conditions.

Develop skills and techniques for selling protection options and insurances with high penetration and reduced charge backs. This involves value-oriented sales processes, overcoming customer fears and objections with full legal disclosure.

Learn how to manage and motivate the sales force to insure that the F&I/Leasing Manager receives a quality introduction to every customer turnover at the point-of-sale.

The heart of this course is unique “Word Tracts”, things to say to the customer and overcome objections without confrontation. Your manager will get great value and improved skills no matter what their level of expertise or experience.

This course is High-Profitability, Efficiency, Legal and Ethical Compliance, proven professional techniques to improve product sales and profitability.

Learn full disclosure procedures designed to create a pleasant, positive, and stress-free buying experience for the customer while still maximizing profit opportunities from rate markup and finance product sales, a thorough review of practical, real-world compliance steps to protect the dealership.

This is The Best Seminar You Can Attend to improve the numbers and Keep the Money on the Books with Zero Heat Cases.