20 Things a GM Must Do Every Week

20 Things a GM Must Do Every Week

A professional juggler once told me that the only way to learn to juggle six balls at the same time is to try to juggle seven. In today’s retail environment, the position More »

IBP 23 – Teach at the Beach III – a Winter Conference, Feb 12th-13th 2018

IBP 23 – Teach at the Beach III – a Winter Conference, Feb 12th-13th 2018

Jim and Debbie Ziegler are proud to announce we’re bringing it back to the Beach in February… February 12th-13th at the Marriott Suites, Sand Key, in Clearwater Beach, Florida. NEW BLOOD… ******************************* It was More »

Dynamic Road to Sales and Success “Pay-Per-View” Automotive Sales Training Online

Dynamic Road to Sales and Success “Pay-Per-View” Automotive Sales Training Online

PROUD TO ANNOUNCE ***************************** Jim Ziegler’s Dynamic Road to Sales and Success “Pay-Per-View” Automotive Sales Training Online. HERE’S THE BEST PART… IT’S AFFORDABLE. IN A LOW-COST PAY-PER-VIEW FORMAT THAT ANY SALES PERSON More »

Please help my friend

Please help my friend

Dear Friend in Automotive: I am writing this letter to appeal to my friends in automotive to HELP my friend Ariel Velazquez. Ariel is an extremely competent Car Guy with skills in More »

All Things Must Pass

All Things Must Pass

I once again find myself in a reflective mood. Been doing that a lot lately. People keep telling me the industry is changing, and the disruptors keep taking shots at the dealers More »


Join the Battle of Jericho


Little Jimmy Ziegler was only 7 years old, but I still remember it vividly, as if it were only yesterday. It was Grace Lutheran Church in Jacksonville, Fla. We were performing a reenactment of the biblical story of Joshua at the Battle of Jericho for the entire adult congregation. We were dressed in robes and

The New Stooges

If you don’t know who Larry, Curly and Moe were, you might be a millennial. Early in the morning or late at night when I’m scanning through the upper tier of cable channels, I still sometimes come across an old “Three Stooges” short. And I can’t turn away. These guys were masters of slapstick, an

Don’t Run, We Are Your Friends!


Fasten your chin straps and check your seat belts, car people. The ride is about to begin, and there’s no turning back. Every party has to end sooner or later, and we’re overdue. All the signs have been flashing for months, but too many of us ignored them, and now the reckoning has arrived. It’s

The Future Ain’t What It’s Cracked Up to Be


Excuse the bad English, but sometimes it’s just fun to say the word “ain’t.” It takes me back to my redneck roots, before I became the sophisticated, genteel socialite you know and love today. In researching this article, I read dozens of blogs and news items talking about the future of our industry. The overwhelming

Is Your Quick Lube Driving Away Business?

After 41 years in this business, I must admit I was naïve about dealership service when I visited my local Ford dealership for an oil change. After all, the sign on the building said “Quick Lane.” I was gobsmacked when they told me it would be a four-hour wait for a simple oil change. They

Thank you for attending my webinar today


THANKS FOR ATTENDING TODAY’S WEBINAR HERE IS THE LINK FOR THE REPLAY IF YOU’D LIKE TO SEE IT AGAIN OR SHARE IT WITH A FRIEND CLICK HERE FOR REPLAY The DealerOn Webinar with Eliana Raggio today was a huge success… “Jim Ziegler Lays Out the Pathway to Management in the Car Business” VISIT OUR WEBSITE

Welcome to Saturation Nation


It’s a new month and a new attitude in the car business, where sales have noticeably slowed down in recent weeks despite a rising economic tide. I keep trying to tell the industry that the two are not necessarily entwined. The issue here is good, old-fashioned saturation. You can’t keep on pumping 60 million new

Convention and Super Bowl Hangovers


It’s almost more than my heart can stand. As I sit here late at night in my darkened office, the Super Bowl is over and I am emotionally drained and stressed. A week before the big game, Debbie and I returned home from the NADA Convention in New Orleans, optimistic but concerned. I’m still trying

Hire the Alpha Dawg!


Who Shot the Dealer?


Historians have put the story to bed and closed the book. I say, however, that only the most ignorant and naïve among us could actually believe that a lone gunman — particularly a bitter, delusional nutcase like Lee Harvey Oswald — could have pulled off the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. I just read