How Can Geeks Be This Bad at Math?

How Can Geeks Be This Bad at Math?

Those of you who have followed my speeches, blogs, social media posts, and articles over the last 25 years know there are two things I really enjoy: The first is crowing about More »

Internet Battle Plan, Teach at the Beach Part 4, Clearwater Beach Florida, March 4th and 5th

Internet Battle Plan, Teach at the Beach Part 4, Clearwater Beach Florida, March 4th and 5th

See 20 top experts on stage, every aspect of Internet and Technology Sales and Marketing, Phone Skills, BDC Skills, Video Response Experts, SEO/SEM/,Website Conversion, Artificial Intelligence Marketing, Social Media/Facebook Marketing, Google Adwords, More »

Jim Ziegler’s The Shape of Things to Come – 2016 Edition

Jim Ziegler’s The Shape of Things to Come – 2016 Edition

Jim Ziegler shares his thoughts about the future of the auto dealer industry at the annual Brady Ware Dealership Conference. More »



YOU THOUGHT THIS WAS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN RIGHT? ****************** ZIEGLER’S FAMOUS AUTOMOTIVE MANAGERS WORKSHOP The Dawg Sort of Promised to Debbie Ziegler that He Wasn’t Ever Going to Do This Again…. BUT, More »

Auto Dealer University

Auto Dealer University

AUTO DEALER UNIVERSITY If YOU need training in every department of your dealership, top level, relevant training, YOU need to call David Villa and get a demo on this incredible package. CALL More »


ACV Auctions Interview

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Jim Ziegler, CSP, HSG, The Alpha Dawg interviews Joe Neiman and Mike Waterman from ACV Auctions about the services and value that ACV Auctions brings to automobile dealers.

20 Things a GM Must Do Every Week


A professional juggler once told me that the only way to learn to juggle six balls at the same time is to try to juggle seven. In today’s retail environment, the position of general manager requires specialized expertise and diversity of knowledge. It is not uncommon for a qualified GM to command an annual income


THE BOGUS APPLICATION OF ATTRIBUTION AND INFLUENCE  I probably speak to more than 100 Car People every week on the phone AND dozens more on the keyboard. What is So Amusing is when Dealer principals and General Managers ask me my opinion of “Attribution” and “Influence”. “Attribution and Influence” are the new age ‘Buzzwords’ of deception some

IBP 23 – Teach at the Beach III – a Winter Conference, Feb 12th-13th 2018


Jim and Debbie Ziegler are proud to announce we’re bringing it back to the Beach in February… February 12th-13th at the Marriott Suites, Sand Key, in Clearwater Beach, Florida. NEW BLOOD… ******************************* It was a painful revelation for the Dawg when I realized almost every conference was putting the same speakers on stage over and over again.

Please help my friend

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Dear Friend in Automotive: I am writing this letter to appeal to my friends in automotive to HELP my friend Ariel Velazquez. Ariel is an extremely competent Car Guy with skills in every aspect of our business. Ariel lives in Puerto Rico and his life has been devastated by Hurricane Irma. He is fluent in

Ziegler Joins Compliance Summit Roster as Keynote Speaker

DALLAS — Organizers of the upcoming Compliance Summit announced that Jim Ziegler, president of Ziegler SuperSystems, will deliver the event’s keynote address. Compliance Summit will be held Sept. 11–12, 2017, at Dallas’ Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, as part of Industry Summit. In his first-ever Compliance Summit appearance, Ziegler will present “The Shape of Things to Come”

Sharpen Your Survival Skills

It was only a few months ago that every expert, analyst, automobile industry pundit and alleged researcher was predicting numbers as high as 20 million new-vehicle sales in 2018. What were these fools smoking? They can’t all live in Denver, can they? The Trump election should have taught the world that you can’t trust polls

All Things Must Pass


I once again find myself in a reflective mood. Been doing that a lot lately. People keep telling me the industry is changing, and the disruptors keep taking shots at the dealers and traditional processes. At heart, I am a car guy. But if the truth be known, I still reminisce about the magical days

Sales Rock Stars Still Exist

In an era where manufacturers and hostile vendors are telling dealers to reduce salesperson pay plans, I can name 30 to 40 people off the top of my head who are making more than $40,000 a month selling cars. And they’re doing it in all kinds of markets.These individuals come from all backgrounds, are of

Grow or Die – “Teach At the Beach Part 2”

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Internet Battle Plan 22